security guard and patrol services

Noreast security agency l.l.c.

Noreast has provided security at the Shea Scottsdale Shopping Center and Shea Scottsdale East Shopping Center for more than ten years. Throughout this time, their staff and service has been beyond reproach and has been a tremendous asset to not only our office, but to our tenants' safety as well. Twenty four hours a day, they effectively and efficiently interact with any issues that arise, making certain that potentially unsafe situations that could create hazardous conditions do not escalate. Our tenants feel very secure knowing that a patrol officer is only a quick telephone call away. Dan and all of his officers are extremely professional in their responsibilities, but also are friendly and quick to assist our office staff and tenants with many requests outside of their normal duties, without sacrificing the security needs of the entire property.

-Denise K. Hornbaker, Corporate Secretary, Herberger Enterprises, Inc.

Dan is a one of a kind in the business. I have worked with several of the largest security companies in the business providing security for the Federal Courts, Homeland Security, and FBI offices. Noreast provides a higher level of communication with the management team and is consistently more in tune with their surroundings, spotting potential trouble small and large in advance of issues than any company I have worked with in the past. Dan has a well trained team. The officers at Noreast are polite and proactive and know the protocol in place for every situation. Their relationships with the shoppers and tenants is second to none. Dan in particular puts great positive energy into cultivating a personal relationship with each business manager and owner making him an invaluable asset to any project.

-Joel Evans, AVP, Commercial Property Manager, McKinley Inc.


I wish I could give Dan from Noreast 100 Stars!! On Memorial Day we were out with our family when our 2 year old began pulling at his ears and feeling warm. We were near a Minute Clinic and brought him in. He was feeling worse and worse in just the short time we were waiting - turned out he had a sinus infection, double ear infection and a sore throat. After hanging out to see the doc and then get his antibiotics we were on our way - until we went out to my car and the battery had died :( It was hot and our little one was feeling terrible. Hubbs went back into CVS to see if someone could help and they called Dan with Noreast. He came around in just a few minutes. He tried to jump the battery but it was fully dead. The best part was, he was kind enough to run Hubbs home to get his car so he could come back for us and go get a new battery. Dan was extremely helpful and kind, went way beyond just the extra mile and even offered to keep an eye on our vehicle if we needed time to get it squared away. He was our family's hero on an otherwise rotten day. This a totally professional operation. Thank you Dan, you're the best!!!

-Jennifer M.

Phoenix, AZ