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Regardless of the size or type of business you own, there are going to be security issues that concern you. Small businesses have to deal with the reality that thefts and other crimes can occur on business premises. Some businesses, such as convenience stores, banks and retail stores, may be more of a target for criminals and petty thieves than other types, but a wide variety of businesses choose to hire security guards. Guards can be used to prevent crime, maintain security, and assist customers and employees. Professional guards are trained to look for suspicious activity and criminals will think twice about targeting a business that has uniformed protection. Below are just some of the benefits of hiring a security company that business owners should assess.

Security guards minimize theft. Often the mere presence of a security guard will deter patrons and professionals from stealing. A guard is a greater visual deterrent than just camera surveillance or a standard security system. It sends a message to potential criminals that you are serious about the security of your business. Additionally, if a theft does occur, security guards are properly trained to apprehend suspects, create loss prevention reports, and correctly store evidence so that it may be used in court. Furthermore, the nature of their job often requires testifying and security guards are often reliable and strong witnesses.

The presence of a security guard at a business can provide peace of mind and a sense of security to not only the business owner, but to employees and customers, especially if it is in an undesirable area. Patrons will feel more secure and therefore, more likely to shop if they know that the proprietor is concerned about their safety. Employees that work in high-risk areas are more productive and easier to retain when they don’t have to worry about personal safety. Additionally, security guards can also inspect your premises and make recommendations that will minimize your risks of theft and accidents.

Security is often called when an accident occurs in the store. In some businesses, security staff roams the floors to ensure there are no thefts or accidents, but in others they use cameras. If an accident occurs, security can get to the site promptly, interview the victim and check the area for any obstructions or safety hazards. They are trained in creating accident reports which the victim and security officer can sign. Guards may also take a statement of what occurred from the injured person, and they can record whether the person had any complaints or visible injuries. A security guard can minimize your exposure in lawsuits and verify that you are not at fault, thereby saving money.

Security guards can also assist with other safety concerns by checking alarms to ensure they are working properly. They can also help control traffic, assist with crowd control or lines, and help with parking. Patrolling security guards may also prevent interior and exterior property damage. Security guards provide a visible deterrent to criminals and provide professional protection for your assets.

Shopping malls and centers are excellent candidates for a security guard to patrol. These areas can be targets for car theft, robbery, vandalism, muggings, and other various forms of crimes. Having a security guard on site can significantly deter these crimes from taking place.

Office buildings are also important places to have a security guard. Security guards in office buildings are able to control who is entering the building and can offer services such as signing in all visitors and ensuring that only those who should be in the building are allowed to enter, as well as providing customer service. A guard may man a front desk or act as a sentry to control access to an area. This can mean that there is a substantial amount of interaction with customers and clients. Guards may be able to help direct people to find products and get to the right location in a business. Guards can also be available as escorts for customers and employees to get to their cars after dark. Hiring personable and capable guards lets you communicate that your business is secure and customer-oriented. Guards are also able to deter vandalism inside and outside of the building, as well as protecting vehicles.

Warehouses and industrial buildings can also be targets for thieves to commit crime. These buildings are normally in quiet and unpopulated areas away from residential zones. Having a guard patrol a warehouse or industrial property has many benefits. A guard can ensure that all areas of the building are securely locked and that no unwanted persons enter the property. Having a guard on site or do mobile patrols also creates a presence that may deter a criminal from entering that property.

Events are also an excellent place to have security personnel prominently visible. Events can range anything from concerts, weddings, conferences, sporting events, to other private or public functions. Security guards can help ensure that your event goes smoothly and that security concerns are dealt with.

Condominium and Apartment buildings are another important place where both the inner and outer perimeter of the property should be patrolled. Even with locks and intercoms, criminals are still able to enter a building where there is no security staff present. All it takes for a stranger to have access to your building is for someone to enter or leave the building and then they catch the door before it closes. Criminals will go to great lengths and sometimes even disguise themselves as a courier or a mail carrier through the intercom to gain access to a building. A security guard would prevent unwanted persons from entering through the front entrance. A security guard is also able to patrol the parking areas to ensure the visitor parking is not being abused, and that all doors on the premises are safe and secured.